G.729B/G.729AB - Floreat, Inc.


G.729B/ G.729AB CS-ACELP Speech Vocoder Software with Silence Suppression
(G.729B/ G.729AB Speech/ Audio Codec Software)

Floreat G.729B and G.729AB speech vocoder software implements the ITU-T G.729B and Annex A and B recommendations. The G.729B and G.729AB speech codec software provides silence suppression, which includes VAD and CNG capability to the G.729/ G.729A speech compression software.

Floreat G.729 and G.729A audio codec software can be integrated with Floreats other fax, telephony, speech compression, VoIP, FoIP, DSVD, imaging and video software for various applications. Floreat G.729B and G.729AB audio codec software is supported on various DSPs and processors as well as offered in ANSI C.

Floreat supports its embedded software services on the following DSPs, Controllers and Processors:

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